Active Courts

The active courts chart lists courts that have been assigned an e-filing go-live date. After that date the court will accept e-filings on a permissive basis. This table is updated regularly; please check back often.

The active courts chart includes information related to each court's status regarding e-filing and acceptance of American Express. For detailed information on these items, review the chart legend »

The following case types are included in the civil category: arbitration, chancery, eminent domain, law, law magistrate, miscellaneous remedy, municipal corporation, small claims, tax, adoption, dissolution, family, mental health, and probate.

Court Phase I Phase II
Dec 1, 2016 - Mar 30, 2017
Phase III
Apr 1, 2017 - Jul 31, 2017
1st Appellate District   Permissive
2nd Appellate District   Permissive
3rd Appellate District   Permissive
4th Appellate District   Permissive
5th Appellate District   Permissive
Adams Permissive
Alexander Permissive
Bond Permissive
Boone Permissive  
Brown June 29
Bureau Permissive
Calhoun June 23
Carroll Permissive
Cass June 28
Champaign Permissive
Christian Permissive
Clark June 23
Clay Permissive
Clinton Permissive
Coles Permissive
Crawford Permissive
Cumberland Permissive
DeWitt June 29
Douglas June 28
Edgar Permissive
Edwards Permissive
Effingham Permissive
Fayette Permissive 
Ford June 23
Franklin Permissive
Fulton Permissive
Gallatin Permissive
Greene Permissive
Grundy Permissive
Hamilton Permissive
Hancock Permissive
Hardin Permissive
Henderson Permissive
Henry Permissive
Iroquois Permissive
Jackson Permissive  
Jasper Permissive
Jefferson Permissive
Jersey Permissive
Jo Daviess Permissive
Johnson Permissive
Kane Permissive
Kankakee Permissive
Knox Permissive
Lake TBD
LaSalle Permissive
Lawrence Permissive
Lee Permissive
Livingston Permissive
Logan Permissive
Macon Permissive
Macoupin Permissive
Marion Permissive
Marshall Permissive
Mason Permissive
Massac Permissive
McDonough Permissive
McLean June 27
Menard June 13
Mercer Permissive
Monroe July 5
Montgomery Permissive
Morgan Permissive
Moultrie June 29
Ogle Permissive
Peoria Permissive  
Perry June 22
Piatt June 30
Pike Permissive
Pope Permissive
Pulaski Permissive
Putnam Permissive
Randolph Permissive
Richland June 28
Rock Island Permissive
Saline Permissive
Schuyler Permissive
Scott Permissive
Shelby Permissive
Stark Permissive
Stephenson Permissive
Supreme Court   Permissive
Tazewell Permissive
Union Permissive
Vermilion Permissive
Wabash Permissive
Warren Permissive
Washington Permissive
Wayne Permissive
White Permissive
Whiteside Permissive
Will TBD
Williamson Permissive
Woodford Permissive



  • Permissive means that the court currently accepts e-filing as well as paper documents.
  • Mandatory means that e-filing is mandatory for the court.
  • If there is no status information this means that the court is not yet using Odyssey eFileIL.
  • E-filing payment accounts may be created using Mastercard, Discover, Visa or American Express. However, some courts do not accept American Express.
  • We use the following icons to indicate whether a court accepts American Express as a payment method or not.
    Accepts     American Express Does not accept American Express