Information for Filers Without Lawyers

If you don’t have a lawyer and need to represent yourself in court, you are called a self-represented litigant or a pro se party.

You must complete TWO STEPS to file documents with the Court:
1.  Find and prepare the right documents.
2.  Electronically file (also called e-file) your documents online using an electronic filing service provider (EFSP).

STEP 1: Prepare Your Documents
Option 1: Find forms on the forms website of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts.

Option 2: Visit Illinois Legal Aid Online (in English, Spanish, and Polish) to find the right forms. Their site has free, online, guided interviews called "Easy Forms." They also have blank forms in the Form Library. Below are links to some of the most popular help areas. After you fill out your documents, save them and follow the instructions in the next step to e-file.

Option 3: Visit the Illinois Guide & File site to use a free, online guided interview for one of the case types below. You can sometimes e-file at the end of the interview. If you can’t e-file at the end, save your documents and follow the instructions in the next step to e-file.

Option 4: Contact your local court to see if they have forms.

STEP 2: e-File Your Documents Online
When your documents are ready, select an EFSP to e-file your documents online with the Court. Each EFSP offers a variety of additional services to help you (see comparison chart). CLICK HERE for the full list of EFSPs.

Where to Find More Help
Legal information:

Case information:
Free or low-cost legal advice (you must qualify for help):
Find a lawyer to hire: